Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hallowen Special!!!

Today I had time to trade the combine. Trade plan for CL was a high probability of a rotation day between 9680-9690 high back to 9620-9605 lows. So fade the extremes.

Trade#1 - Was a scalp to the low but got a -6 tk, forgot the open was 1 minute after entry. When I noticed this I kept stop at a volume cluster and buyer started lifting the offer right out the gate. It did hit scalp target so my focus was a reversal back to weekly VAH 85-90 area.

Trade#2 - Long with target to VAH, but trailers got stopped for +20tks.

EOD- Pretty much was a rotational day. I should have time tomorrow for my combine account. Skipped this Tues/Wed. So stay tuned for tomorrow.

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